Located in the Upper Gulf Coast region of Texas, the Nona Mills and South Hampton Fields lie both Northeast and Southwest of the town of Kountze, in central Hardin County, 85 miles northeast of Houston

Covering 7500 + acres, the field runs from Northeast to Southwest, and is comprised of 9 proven, productive intervals, 8 of the Yegua and one of the Crockett (Cook Mountain) ages. Formation of the structural trap is due to a combination of anticlinal folding and a strike fault downthrown to the Texas Gulf Coast of the Northwest side of the field.

The Nona Mills Field was discovered as a result of reflection seismograph and subsurface geologic evaluations.  General Crude, the predecessor to Mobil Oil, logged the discovery well, the Esther Hooks #1, on Christmas Eve of 1949.  Production was first established in the spring of 1950.  Since that time, the field has produced over 7 million barrels of oil and 96 BCF of gas. The South Hampton Field is an extension of the Nona Mills Field.

The fields are currently producing approximately 130 BOPD and some marginal gas. There are approximately 30 shut in wellbores in the fields. Western Energy has implemented a workover program of many of the shut in wells to bring production up to an estimated 500 BOEPD.