Located in the Upper Gulf Coast region of Texas, the Rankin Field is located approximately 23 miles northeast of downtown Houston in an unincorporated area of Harris County, Texas.

The field lies within the prolific Yegua/Cook Mountain producing trend of Southeast Texas. The field has been productive from the Yegua and Cook Mountain formations at depths ranging from 7850’ down to 9300’.

The Rankin Field was discovered and developed beginning in the 1950’s when approximately 30 new wells were drilled. Field development concentrated on the prolific 1st Yegua Sand which has accounted for more than 8 Miilion Barrels of Oil and 5 BCF of Gas production.

The field is roughly a 1300 acre unit and is currently producing approximately 25 BOPD and a small amount of gas. There are 15 shut-in wellbores in the field. Western Energy has implemented a workover program of many of the shut in wells to bring production up to an estimated 300 BOEPD.